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Days in Fashion: Fashion News of the Week

Article by Abby

The good and bad news in the world of fashionThe solution to all your fashion problems: Faq’s look!One of the first questions we ask ourselves in the morning, “but what am I going to make today?” In general, it comes with a slew of other questions that fashion sometimes remains long without answer: is it that I did not look like a bag in these boyfriend jeans? And my little black dress, I put it with my hips? And the plaid shirt, frankly, it’s not just all over?To answer all these questions and many others, we will provide you with the look of the FAQ (frequently asked questions)The parade that is full of eyes: Paris-BombayFor several years, it is organizing the parade and crafts, which allows different workshops belonging to the house to present their expertise in the fields of embroidery, lace or leather goods. As part of the presentation of pre-winter 2012/13 collection is a great opportunity to pay tribute to these artisans and showcase the folklore of different cities related to her story after Tokyo, Los Angeles or Shanghai, it is Bombay this year in the spotlight.Necessarily ostentatious parade of models which look like the backdrop of the Great Palace shone with a thousand lights, a magical atmosphere that Karl Lagerfeld wanted to be a snub to the current economic crisis. “It is not to indulge in the general gloom,” he said on backstage, emphasizing the role of the luxury industry in the economy.Until our wallet starts to Indian time, we revealed images of the parade in Paris Bombay Vogue.fr, and you can look a little closer to the backstage beauty!The classic ready-to-wear American-style: Banana Republic settles on the Champs-Elys

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