Honololo, HI (PRWEB) September 08, 2012

Men’s clothing stores are found in all the major cities, as are boy’s clothing stores; smaller communities tend to have only non-specialized stores where clothes and accessories for members of both sexes may be bought. Like businesses of all kindswith the exception of some places with no checks, no charges or cash only policies, such stores will accept credit cards from their customers. (They will accept debit cards too; all of the various credit card machines described below will work equally well with both kinds). Credit card processing can be a long and tedious process if the customers card is declined and he or she wants to know why. There are, for that reason, a number of organizationsthe most prominent of them being Merchant Data Systems (MDS), devoted to the complex task of merchant processing, providing both products (credit card terminals, ROAMpay card reader) and services (payroll solutions, invoicing solutions, POS Integration) to those who have an account with them (otherwise, it is not possible to purchase such equipment). In addition, they may provide merchant cash advanceslump sums given to clients in exchange for a certain portion of their card sales. With a team up with Karma Snack, MDS is ready to offer new and expanding merchant services for these stores across the nation.

MDS provides many services from which all of its clients benefit, plus some that are geared towards companies of a certain type. Those in the latter group include:

Internet businessesweb design, eCommerce hosting, multiple software programs, mail and telephone order companies, fraud protection, address verification service, database programs for installment billing, retail stores and restaurantsacceptance of all major lines of credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB; compatibility with every main POS system.

So it is only natural to expect that they will have a solution specially for mens and boys clothing stores. MDS is now offering SEO (search engine optimization), too, as become part of their services thanks to their team up with Internet company Karma Snack.

Cash advances, as mentioned above, are among MDSs merchant services. The advances they make, offered through the Money for Merchants program, are done in anticipation of future credit card sales. MDS even has a system for new businesses called FASTCASH.

Electronic checks (Checks by Net) is another specialty of theirs. Through this system, the merchants customers can fill out an online check, which is approved and guaranteed immediately. The merchant can print out and cash the check wherever they happen to do business.

MDS likes to boast of only carrying state of the art credit card equipmentand they live up to that claim, too. These machines fall into five lines; some of them, like Hypercom, have a sophisticated, complex range of procedures that can be performed on them, while Verifone is much simpler, having fewer buttons on it.

Another major piece of equipment they sell is the ROAMpay credit card reader, designed specifically to make mobile payment possible (though few people would have dreamed that it would be so just a generation ago). After buying it, the merchant needs no additional hardware, but they do have to download an app from the ROAMdata website. That having been done, they follow the steps outlined in the next paragraph.

James K. Edmonds, the CEO of a large store that sells garments and accessories for men and boys, is in the lunch room of his building when he receives a visit from a clientthe owner of a tuxedo rental companywho says that he would like to buy five tuxedos, and promptly hands him his card. Mr. Edmonds attaches the half-moon shaped ROAMpay device to his BlackBerry, logs in with his secure credentials, and selects the credit card sale option from the seven-item menu which then pops up. He then enters the total amount in his customers shopping cart, hits Next and Swipe, and slides the card through the slit in the ROAMpay with the stripe facing towards him, whereupon a truncated form of the buyers card data appears on the screen (the system is secure, so all the information disappears from the phone once the transaction has been completed). After hitting Next, Mr. Edmonds types in personal notes, which only he will have access to. He asks the buyer if he would like to have a receipt emailed to him. The buyer says yes, so the CEO checks on that box, enters his email address, and hits Submit. The transaction will be authorized within a few seconds.

Finally, MDS does equipment leasing, which can be an effective way of increasing cash flow by offsetting the price of business financing.